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Adinkra Favor Box

Adinkra Favor Box

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Six bite-sized bars beautifully engraved with adinkra symbols created by the Akan of Ghana. Open the box to learn about each symbol!

  • 73% dark, 55% milk, white, mocha latte/coffee, bissap/hibiscus, and moringa
  • 10g/piece 
  • Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, coffee, hibiscus, spices, and moringa
  • Symbols are assorted
  • Serving ideas: perfect for a quick treat or a unique gift for a loved one
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In Case You're Wondering

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use preservatives?

Nope! Our chocolate is all natural, made from bean-to-bar with organic cocoa beans from Ghana.

How do I store chocolate?

In a cool, dry place like a pantry or cupboard. Generally, storing chocolate in the fridge changes its appearance and taste. If you opt for the fridge, store it in an air-tighter container. Never put your chocolate in the freezer.

Are any of your bars vegan?

Absolutely! All of our dark chocolates are vegan (made without dairy), and so is our newest flavor, vegan milk chocolate with tiger nut.